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I have hit an adult badger with my car, what should I do?

Badgers are dangerous animals and have a powerful bite, even when injured. Do not try and pick it up, you may injure it further or endanger yourself. See the Road Traffic Accident page for more details.

I have seen a badger cub wandering about on its own. Should I help it?

If it is very small, it is possible that the cub may have been orphaned - they do not usually stray far from their sett unless something is wrong. If the cub is big enough to have been weaned, there may be nothing to worry about but please watch from a distance to see if a parent comes looking for it. They often follow humans or dogs when lost and can wander for miles. If the cub is obviously injured or in great distress you can wrap it in a blanket or jumper and place it in a strong box or container. If you have a hot water bottle or heat bag you should place that in the box as well. Always remember to note down the exact location you found the cub as sometimes they can be reunited with their family, or the area may need to be searched for other cubs. Always remember that even young badger cubs can have a nasty bite. Handle with care, and preferably wearing thick gloves.

I hit a badger cub with my car. What can I do?

Even the smallest badger cub can have a powerful bite, so keep clear from the dangerous end! If you can, cover it with a blanket, contain it in some way and call your nearest rescue centre. If you feel confident to handle the young badger and have a suitable container you can wrap it in a blanket and carefully move it from the road. Be aware of any injuries and do not cause it further distress by stroking or talking to it. Wild animals are not comforted by human touch and this will only increase its stress. Make sure you keep it warm and quiet.

I've found an injured/ill adult badger, what should do?

Adult badgers, no matter how ill, can have a very dangerous bite. Unless you have experience handling such animals we would advise calling for help from a rescue centre before doing anything else. If you can approach the badger and place a blanket or jumper over its face this may help to calm it. If you cannot stay with the animal until help arrives please make sure you note down the exact location.

If you find a badger in a snare please see the snare page for further information.

Badgers are a protected species under the Badgers Act 1992 and it is illegal to kill one without a licence. If you have any information regarding the illegal trapping/snaring or hunting of badgers please contact the Wildlife Crime Officer for you area.