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Please handle the bat as little as possible and minimize contact with humans and pets.

If a bat is trapped in your house open all windows and doors and try to usher it out using a towel.

If the bat is injured and cannot fly, wear thick gardening or leather gloves and using a towel placed over the bat, pick it up and transfer it to a ventilated box, Bats can slip through small spaces so be sure that the box is tightly closed and has small air holes, once contained, contact your local registered bat carer or wildlife rescue for advice on transporting the bat into care.

Once a bat is grounded it cannot easily take off again unless it climbs up a vertical structure - they cannot easily take off from the ground.

If the bat is found during the night and it is healthy then you could assist it by placing it on a vertical surface, i.e. fence post or a rough wall.

If the bat was found during the day and it is healthy then it would be best to place the animal in a strong box with air holes in it. It would be advisable to provide a small square of tissue soaked in water to give the bat some fluids. The bat can then be released that evening provided the weather is fair.

If you pet has caught a bat, also contact your veterinarian regarding your pet’s potential rabies exposure.

It is very important that upon finding a bat you note down the exact location, as it will need to be released in the same area.