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The Wildlife Haven rescues over one thousand wild animals every year.

The running costs of the centre add up to hundreds of pounds a week. We receive no government or central funding and rely entirely on donations to continue our work. Please consider giving a donation to help us stay open. Thank you.

How about buying us an item of need from our Amazon Wishlist? It's very easy to use. Just select an item, pay and it will be delivered to our door!

Amazon wishlist

The Wildlife Haven is currently looking for financial support. This could either be continued sponsorship from a business or individual or a one off donation. Please get in touch if you are interested.

Our daily running costs are very high. Here are some approximate figures;

10ml bottle of injectable painkillers

- £75.00

Food for a garden bird for one week - £15.00

Course of antibiotics for a garden bird caught by a cat - £5.00

Caring for an underweight hedgehog over winter - £100.00

Feeding an owl for one week - £15.00

One bag of powdered formula to hand feed a pigeon - £25.00

The purchase of a large incubator - £600.00

Total cost of rearing an orphaned fox cub until release - £450.00

Feeding an otter cub for one week - £45.00

Our larger projects at the moment include;

Intensive Care Facility
We are looking to raise at least £5,000 to complete the renovation and fitting of our new Intensive Care Facility. This is where our most needy patients will be housed and treated. Find our fundraising page here.

Large Animal Care Facility
We are looking for £15,000 to start work on our new Large Animal Care facility. This is where our larger birds and mammals will be housed and treated.

Wildlife Rescue Ambulance
We have recently been incredibly fortunate to receive a particularly generous donation of a vehicle for use as an ambulance.
Our vehicle plays a vital role in the rescue and safe transport of injured animals.
We are no longer fundraising for this project.