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Please consider donating to our veterinary fund. All donations from this fund go directly towards the cost of vital medications, operations, and veterinary equipment that we use on a daily basis.

Hundreds of thousands of wild animals in the UK are injured, orphaned, or become ill, every year. Wildlife Rescue centres offer emergency care and treatment to these animals for free - incurring massive costs.

Apart from healthy orphans, all of the wild animals that come into care here at The Wildlife Haven have suffered injuries, or are ill with infections and parasitic burdens.

Every year we treat up to 1600 animals free of charge, from across the North of England.

We receive no government, or central funding of any kind, and rely entirely on donations to help pay our veterinary costs. Below are some examples of common costs we incur;

One 10ml bottle of strong pain relief; £57.60

Single x-ray; £42.00

Additional x-rays; £18.00

Euthanasia of a small animal; £12.00

One single unit of anaesthetic gas; £12.60

We work closely with the staff at Edgemoor Veterinary Practice in Helmsley, aiming to provide high quality treatment to the animals in our care - ensuring the best possible outcomes. We are very grateful to the staff at the practice for their continued support over the years.